Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Twilight Classic - Mushroom Ravioli

September 3, 2009
La Bella Italia, Port Angeles WA
Mushroom Ravioli

From the date of the post, clearly this was from a LONG time ago. In fact, this trip was still near the beginning of that Twilight craze. Just goes to show you how long Twilight has already been a part of my life. Time really does fly (cliche, I know).

Anyways, going to Port Angeles and being a Twi-hard, I had to get the Mushroom Ravioli at La Bella Italia - the scene of Edward and Bella's first date. They had a corn and cream version that day. It was literally the tastiest mushroom ravioli I had ever tasted, not that I had tried much before then. But still, it remains one of my favourite pasta dishes I have had to date, and that is saying something as I often eat raviolis instead of plain pasta. There is just something that much more special with stuffed pastas. The sweetness of the corn and the cream together was so good! It was a twist away from the regular marinara or alfredo sauces, just perfectly lovely.

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