Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Beats of Red Salsa - Tamales de Rajas

February 25, 2012
Don Memo Mexican Restaurant, Philadelphia PA
Tamales de Rajas

A night out with the beats and editors of the DP. The food was great, especially the warm, freshly fried tortilla chips with the red and green salsas (and they were free!). The red salsa was hot and spicy, my favourite EVER! The green salsa with tomatillos was very light and refreshing. The freshly made guacamole were also great with lots of cilantro. I had so much chips (they were just OH SO GOOD!!!) that I did not order the planned chicken enchiladas with mole sauce. Ah well, saves me a reason to go back.

The Tamales de Rajas - I picked red salsa because I loved the spiciness of the flavour - was good. The masa was nice and had a nice, mellow texture. I'm not a fan of the potatoes inside but the vegetables were good and had flavour, although the rest of the dish (the masa, pork, and potatoes) lacked flavour as there was just not enough sauce in it. The pork was also too dry for my liking. It was not as outstanding as the chips, salsa, and guacamole that's for sure.

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