Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Best Ramen Ever - Spicy Beef Ramen

January 5, 2011
Naniwa-Ya Ramen, Waikiki HI
Spicy Beef Ramen

This was at the Makai Market Food Court in Waikiki's Ala Moana Center. Okay, so maybe it's not the best ramen ever. The noodles were still tender. I think this was the spicy beef one. Anything with spicy soup is always good. I guess it was just because while away from home, Mom and I always crave that Asian taste. To not have to eat Subway or pizza was great. It definitely satisfied that little Asian cuisine bug permanently lodged in our stomachs. Even mediocre noodles (as long as it's chewy and al dente Asian-style) will do the trick!

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