Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cheesyliciousness - The Cheesecake Factory

December 28, 2011
The Cheesecake Factory, Las Vegas NV
Herb Crusted Filet of Salmon
Skinnylicious Fresh Vegetable Salad
Spicy Chicken Chipotle Pasta
Low Carb Cheesecake with Strawberries

Our second time at this particular Cheesecake Factory and again, we were not disappointed. We went a bit early, for Vegas anyways. Thus, t
here was only a 30 minute wait. Mom and I passed some time at Express. I found a shirt I liked only to find that it was $19.99 instead of $9.99. Going back to the restaurant empty handed, we were led upstairs. The setting was much more quiet and with the straw lawn chairs, the setting was more casual. It was nice all the same.

Mom saw the picture for the Herb Crusted Fillet of Salmon on the menu and it looked delicious. Only, she was surprised to see only one piece of fish - the photo she saw was for catering. Regardless, the food was still good. A few more pieces of asparagus would have been better, and the salmon was decent. The mashed potatoes were good, but there was too much we just couldn't finish it.

I decided to go with a refreshing Skinnylicious Fresh Vegetable Salad. Apples, beets, asparagus, green beans, and edamame never fails to please me. Dressing on th
e side was also a good idea. The pomegranate vinaigrette did not taste like pomegranate, just sour. There was plenty of lettuce though so refreshing it certainly was.

Dad, not feeling up to a lot of meat, decided to go with the Spicy Chicken Chipotle Pasta, which was actually delicious. The sweet and spicy chipotle sauce was grea
t! The pasta was not overcooked, and the tortilla strips added a nice texture to the dish. The only downside was that there was not much veggies in the plate. The pasta was great though.

Finally, you can't go to The Cheesecake Factory without eating cheesecake. I wanted to try the original - after all, it's traditional and therefore must be good! Their low carb option was even better. Mom did not enjoy it as much since it was too creamy and rich, just a big slice of
cheesecake, but the strawberries were nice. Although, I was disappointed that they were not glazed like the ones on the non-low carb slices. The few pieces in the glass bowl just did not do it for me. It was not the best cheesecake ever, so I guess traditional is not always good.

To everyone's delight, though, their whole wheat bread is always delicious. Slightly sweetened somehow, very rich, whole wheat flavors... we took some to go for breakfast the next day. Mom and I have a soft spot for it, that's for sure! Overall though, the price is decent, much more worth it than many other casual dining restaurants.

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