Saturday, February 4, 2012

Merry Christmas - Hugo's Cellar

December 25, 2011
Hugo's Cellar, Las Vegas NV
New York Strip Char-Broiled Steak
Salmon Sauce Nantua

After landing in Vegas, renting a car, checking in, and driving to downtown Las Vegas, thanks to Yelp, we decided to give Hugo's Cellar a try in the Four Seasons Hotel. It was Christmas so I did not want some casual diner, like the one beside Hugo's which had open seating. $8 mediocre chicken was just not my kind of Christmas.

We discover though that the menu came in set dinners so considering there was no way I can eat a whole meal myself, we decided with two entrees. The perfect amount actually. Yeah, it was a little awkward but again, it's not our problem the restaurant did not allow for individual dishes.

Dad had a New York Strip Steak and Mom and I ha
d the Salmon Sauce Nantua (crab sauce with shrimp). I personally prefer medium rare steak, not medium well. The salmon was nicely done, though. The sauce was flavoured very well and grilled salmon is always nice as long as the seasoning and flavouring is done right.

I was kind of disappointed that the sides were all very similar. I do not usually eat mashed or baked potatoes, but I did have the stuffed tomato. The white asparagus was also a new veggie for me but I like it a lot. It had more of a entree side feel than the green asparagus, maybe because it was just thicker.

They also had crisps in the bread basket. Those were good. The butter was in a rose shape. Very pretty. The dessert was dark chocolate dipped strawberries, milk chocolate dipped dried apricots, and white chocolate dipped figs. Needless to say, being a fan of white chocolate and figs, that was my favourite. The strawberries were huge and sweet too. Mom and I also got a red rose each. A very merry Christmas in Vegas!

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