Saturday, February 18, 2012

Squadra di Equestre - La Viola Ovest

February 3, 2012
La Viola Ovest, Philadelphia PA
Linguini Al Marinaio

My first ever BYO. It was with the Penn Equestrian Team, or rather Squadra di Equestre in Italian. A wonderful evening spent with the girls, I must say! Although a bit pricy, I was definitely pleased with this restaurant. I felt like seafood, so this was the perfect dish. I substituted the linguini with whole wheat pasta. They made it a bit undercooked, as some noodles were al dente and some a bit harder. But, it is to my taste. I've always preferred my pastas as chewy as possible without being raw. I also like it when they clump a bit. I don't exactly love food that are too easy to eat. The sauce was quite tasty, the seafood done very well. A few more shrimp and a few more pieces of salmon would have been nice, but the dish was very tasty. I also feel that for the price, compared to some of the other pastas they offered, this one was definitely worth it, as there was more pasta and a lot of seafood, for only a few extra dollars. I would definitely go back and try their tagliatelle. It was so thick it looked delicious with the salmon and blush sauce!

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